Keltic Alpacas

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Simon, Brandybuck and Gandalf

- the 3 wise men

Gandalf, or 'Bozedown Flare' to give him is full name, is a Light Fawn Gelding with an excellant fibre quality. His fleece has been entered in 2 shows, and we have 3 1st place rosettes to thank him for.

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Simon, also known as 'Bozedown Benson' (or Squeeler to our neighbours), is a black gelding, whose main quality is the pure black colour of the fibre. His fleece has been shown once, where he won a second prize. Despite the good quality of fibre, he was marked down on the weight of fleece, which was deemed too light.

Brandybuck, formally named Bozedown Flame, is unfortunately not going to win any prizes. He suffered from a skin allergy in his youth, and this has left him with a good fine fleece, but patchy and light. Excellant stuffing for cushions however. Brandy wins out with his lovely gentle temperament. You could almost think he likes having his toenails clipped.

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Lucy, or 'Bozedown Lucy', was Keltic Alpacas' first female. She has a  lovely compact shape, which is reflected in her latest cria Mary-Rose She gave birth on 17th March 2006 and despite a dark brown mother and a rose-grey father, Mary-Rose is a beautiful jet black. Lucy is currently pregnant with Keltic's latest youngster, but has returned to Westways, where she is more comfortable with a larger herd.

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Left : Mary-Rose with proud mum Lucy

Above : Mary-Rose with Erika and Maggie

Both pictures at 14 days old

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Mary-Rose, properly known as 'Keltic Mary-Rose' has a really compact shape, with a true 'Alpaca' head and face. Her shape she inherits from her mother (Lucy), but her temperament is also good; fitting in well with the rest of our small herd.


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Juno, Lucy has done it again. In June 2007 she gave birth to this lovely brown male cria. Currently living with mum at Westways.
Erika, is formerly from Westways Alpacas. She came along as a companion for Lucy and stayed with us for 18 months. Erika gave birth to Maggie on 11th October 2005. Erika returned to Westways and has since been sold, but Maggie is still with us.

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Above : Maggie just a few minutes old

Right : Maggie a couple of hours later with proud mum Erika.

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Maggie, a few months older, but already you can see the density of her fleece, and the lovely face. You can also see that she is a magnet for straw and other debris.




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